Slow living

Hello, I am Laura.

Insights and glances in slow living. After all, it’s the little things in life.

Currently, I am on a journey to live more aware of the things happening in my life. Life goes on and before one knows, one is a twenty year old. Yes, that’s me we’re talking about. After being at the same place day after day for a while, it really did something to me. Feeling grateful or intentional is a matter of mindset and willpower. With this blog, I will share my thoughts on the little and often ordinary moments of my life.

Εlysian fields

Standing in a sea of corn. Noticing the braided structure of each one. Saying goodbye to daylight and welcoming the […]

A rememberable evening

The feeling you get when… you see some friends after a very long time. you skateboarded for the first time […]

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