Topic for July: I just read Normal People by Sally Rooney and am about to read Stoner by J.E. Williams.

Announcements: There will be several literary blogposts this month.

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Thoughts on Grand Hotel Europa by I. L. Pfeijffer

My “story” about Grand Hotel Europa Grand Hotel Europa by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer was a rememberable recommendation back in 2019. I was in Venice with school and my Greek teacher was our guide in the city. We were sightseeing and passed by the place were the characters of this book had their home. Then, my […]

Thoughts on letters between Amadeus Mozart and his father

“My Dearest Father” is a booklet from the collection of Penguin little black classics and contains a selection of letters between Mozart and his father written between October 1777 and July 1778. This little book was given me by my twin sister for my 19th birthday last year. Though the book itself is very thin, […]

Greek mythology with Stephen Fry, a review about “Mythos”

very witty Extra interesting information in the footnotes Coherent construction and order of the myths Section in the book with paintings My favourite parts Eros and Psyche This was a longer myth than the usual length of the other told myths. The character description of Eros was very well written. It was nice to see […]

Neuroplasticity, a useful tool explained in “The Source” by Dr. Tara Swart

Main points science connected to spirituality the working of our brains comprehensible explained the importance of physical and mental self-care emphasized Short introduction to Emotional Intelligence Mental strategies for a goal-oriented mindset Review “The Source ” written by neuroscientist and psychatrist Dr. Tara Swart refers to the abilities of our brains and ways we can […]

Who is the real monster in Frankenstein ?

Many may know about the immense famous literary character “Dr. Victor Frankenstein” though the one that actually read the book know that Frankenstein is the creator of the nameless monster. But are searching on graves for corpses and working towards a hideous creature not activities of a monster? After having read Frankenstein, I had several […]

Physical beauty in “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde

My aim of reading is to discover new genres, new literary styles and techniques. Through books I can visit thousands places and make new friends who I will never lose and by rereading, they will welcome me as if I’ve never left them. Those persons, present in the imagination of the author and reader can […]

Book review: Love Her Wild by Atticus

I had never heard about Atticus before, until I saw this book in a bookshop in Salzburg. While being triggered because of the stunning cover I took a closer look inside. Those poems, some short some more lengthy adressed me in a way poems seldom do. The author’s use of language mixed with the power […]

Reading my first modern classic: To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

The big family of the beautiful Mrs. Ramsay stays during the summer in their guest-house on the island Skye. The family Ramsay and a few other guests consisting of the frustrated artist Lily Briscoe, the obsessed student Charles Tansley and the two lovers Paul and Minta are charmed by the motherly love of Mrs. Ramsay. […]

Book review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

The moment when Snow Like Ashes was released in the bookshops, I knew I had to read it. Besides its appealing cover, the story is really worth reading especially for fans of epics and all sort of fantasy tales. Meira, an orphaned girl who has lived her whole life as a refugee wants to save […]

Book review: A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

A Young Adult book, a great mixture of science fiction, adventure and romance. Marguerite is the daughter of two scientists who just invented the firebird, a minuscule and high tech necklace which allows the owner to jump into multiple universes and that could of course cause extreme results for the future. When Marguerite’s father is […]

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