Neuroplasticity, a useful tool explained in “The Source” by Dr. Tara Swart

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Main points

  • science connected to spirituality
  • the working of our brains comprehensible explained
  • the importance of physical and mental self-care emphasized
  • Short introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Mental strategies for a goal-oriented mindset


“The Source ” written by neuroscientist and psychatrist Dr. Tara Swart refers to the abilities of our brains and ways we can fully use their potential.

I found this book very interesting because a few years ago I came into touch with the spiritual idea of manifestation and visualisation whereby you have to imagine your dream life very intensively and it would come true. Obviously, there was no scientific explanation which could explain how it comes that such a way of thinking would actually work. If you think logically, it is indeed rather strange that such a phenomenon exists. The book I read a few years ago declared you just have to believe it and it will come true. Personally, if someone tells me I “just have to believe and it will come true” I immediately think about magic tales. The critical part of me took in question the workability of this way of thinking because without acting there is no happening, unless you let your life completely depend on coincidence.

So, “The Source” by Tara Swart explains how you can use neuroplasticity as method for achieving what you want. Neuroplasticity has much to do with the brains’ ability to change certain traits and patterns. Recent research proved that adults can actually change those behavioural patterns and fixed mindset even though science held the opinion neuroplasticity was a mechanism that was only active in children’s and teenager’s brains. Though it is true that neuroplasticity takes much more time and effort once one has reached adulthood.

I found this book very insightful and motivational. The spiritual myth around manifestation and visualisation is finally explained and revised through scientific research. The main point is that one should focus onto the things he/she would like to achieve or change personally and one will see opportunities where he or she wouldn’t look before. Of course, The Source is not only about the scientific revision of Manifestation and Visualisation but the book gives also an approach of how one can use mental strategies to create a strong goal-oriented mindset that doesn’t burn out your brains and body.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who just want to know more about the working of their brains but also to people who want to integrate mental strategies for achieving their goals. For me, the fact that all the strategies are proven by neuroscience is a huge surplus value. As for one who doesn’t believe in a certain religion, it is a must to have certain think paradigms that have proved to be successful for many people over decades.

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