The surplus value of reading “A Christmas Carol” in today’s situation

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“A Christmas Carol” written by 19th century author Charles Dickens is a meaningful story about celebrating Christmas with family and loved ones. The story is about a hardworking man called Mr. Scrooge who focused his whole life on his career and never went to his family for celebrating Christmas. Mr. Scrooge planned to do the same the upcoming Christmas until the ghost of his businesspartner appeared and told him to quit neglecting his family otherwise he would end up just like him. Unlike for Marley, the deceased businesspartner, it is not too late for Mr. Scrooge. After a short conversation with the ghost, Mr. Scrooge was visited by The Three Spirits who showed how important his presence and caring was towards his family. His family accepted his absence but they would be much happier when Mr. Scrooge would have joined them. When Mr. Scrooge had seen how he would end and how his family would react to his absence at the Christmas dinner, he changed his whole behaviour and became a loving family member and a much nicer person towards his fellow man.

Personally, “A Christmas Carol” is a beautiful story and it definitely hits different in a pandemic. This year, Christmas had to be celebrated in quite a peculiar way and the short story was the perfect manner to be reminded that this pseudo-celebrating isn’t the usual tradition.

Before reading the story I was quite hesitant to read another book by Charles Dickens. At the same time when I was reading “A Christmas Carol” I was reading “Hard Times” which is also written by Dickens. (In the beginning it really was giving me hard times.) Obviously, I prefer “A Christmas Carol” because of the sincere character (for example Tiny Tim, Mr. Scrooge’s little nephew) and because the story generated human warmth.

As a conclusion, I am glad I have read a “A Christmas Carol” and the short story contributed to the christmassy ambiance during whole December and January. For next Christmas, I will definitely read the other Christmas short stories by Dickens. Hopefully in other circumstances by then.

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