Who is the real monster in Frankenstein ?

Many may know about the immense famous literary character “Dr. Victor Frankenstein” though the one that actually read the book know that Frankenstein is the creator of the nameless monster. But are searching on graves for corpses and working towards a hideous creature not activities of a monster? After having read Frankenstein, I had several thoughts on the character of both the monster and Frankenstein.

While reading the book, one can question the character of the monster. At first, the monster did not know he was different from the rest of the human species. Only after a few unpleasant experiences he saw no other solution than living into the wild where he learnt himself what he as a unique creature could eat and do in order to survive. The monster wasn’t a horrible creature by birth, he helped the people whom he observed and learnt about their behaviour. Surprised by their kindness, the monster realised something was lacking in his life. He wanted any form of attachment, a bubble support to say it with contemporary vocabulary.

Then another series of misfortunes happened to the monster and it was clear he would live alone for his whole life. He asked his creator to made a mate for him so he could live socially distanced from the rest of the world. A reasonable request if you ask me but to Victor Frankenstein himself it was like reliving the horror he once experienced by making the monster. The monster became vengeful and mad because no one would become friends and give him a token of affection. But do we need to blame him for his deeds? Was it not the fault of Frankenstein for not looking after his creature and caring for him? Without doubt, the responsibility of creating this hideous and unsightly monster lays by Dr. Frankenstein. Though it is understandable that a pseudo-human creature longs for human affection, it is not acceptable to ruin others lives for actions he could not receive from people. In my opinion, Dr. Frankenstein deserved his fate. Maybe if he was not the one acting like a madman during his studies he would have lead a beautiful life.

As a small side note, there is a paragraph I found extremely remarkable. Οne would think about the monster as a bloodthirsty creature yearning to slaughter innocent lambs and other animals but the opposite is true! The monster did not understand why humans have the tradition of eating meat. This contrast between the herbivorous monster and his carnivorous creator is one that in my opinion contributes to the idea that the real monster of the story is Dr. Frankenstein and not his creation.

Of course, there are lots of arguments whether one has to blame Dr. Frankenstein’s creation for his deeds or Dr. Frankenstein himself but personally, I pity the monster the most because the story is written in such manner that it is nearly impossible not feeling sorry for him.

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