Book review: Love Her Wild by Atticus

I had never heard about Atticus before, until I saw this book in a bookshop in Salzburg. While being triggered because of the stunning cover I took a closer look inside. Those poems, some short some more lengthy adressed me in a way poems seldom do. The author’s use of language mixed with the power of typography and photography made an atmosphere which I immediately adored. You don’t need a deep insight in politics or in news events, those poems speak to the heart. Poems that encourage you the live your life the fullest so you won’t feel remorse at the end of your days. Poems that offer you the strength to move on and be grateful for what has been. This poetry soothes and fuels the adventurous soul simultaneously.

Love Her Wild is for me one of the purest manners to muse on love and life in general. The words challenge you to think about what’s written but also about what isn’t written.

Considering I mostly read YA books and some classics, contemporary poetry is new to me but I definitely enjoy it .

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