Book review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The moment when Snow Like Ashes was released in the bookshops, I knew I had to read it. Besides its appealing cover, the story is really worth reading especially for fans of epics and all sort of fantasy tales.

Meira, an orphaned girl who has lived her whole life as a refugee wants to save the Kingdom of Winter after it was conquered 16 years ago. Back then, the citizens were enslaved and lost their magic and monarch. The current situation for the Winterians wasn’t optimal at all because only eight Winterians managed to survive. During her time at the refugee camp, Meira was trained to be a warrior together with her best friend Mather, who is to be Winter’s future king. Desperately in love with him, she conceals her feelings and would do anything to steal Winter’s magic back and help Winter to rise power again. So when Meira finds the opportunity to play an important role in the restoration of Winter, she realizes that her destiny is not her own choice and never will be.

Personally, I think it is great that Sara Raasch has given so much attention to nature. That aspect made the trilogy much more “organic” and less dark even though there are a lot of evil forces and politics present. On the other hand, those natural elements attribute to an atmosphere of high fantasy (which genre is almost similar to an epic) but is contradicted by Sara Raasch’ clear and thrilling way of writing.

You may doubt my choice of giving this book the highest rating but the story contains a few aspects that made this book one of my favourites. The reader can absolutely empathize with the main character’s girl power because the protagonist Meira tells her own story though she has sometimes nothing to say in others decisions about her. Personally, I admire her for her strength for not giving up on a dream even though her future seems shattered. Besides the main character’s will power, Meira has been left to her own emotions just as many other people.

Snow Like Ashes is actually the first book of a trilogy, Ice Like Fire is the second and Frost Like Night the third. In my opinion, a trilogy is the perfect quantity of books for a book cycle because the reader has the chance to learn the characters better, maybe change their opinion about them and there is also a lot of space left for a sudden change in the plot. On the contrary, the reader will (mostly) not receive the feeling of boredom because the whole cycle consists of only three books.

At least, this book learned me that it doesn’t matter how other people see you but you have to know your own worth and live by it.

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