Welcome to The Literate Corner

This site consists of book reviews, some anecdotes, recommendations and sometimes my opinion about recent happenings in the world of literature. As an Arts student, I am eager to discover new genres as I have mostly read and also enjoyed YA books. Feel free to have a look to my constantly growing journey in discovering new books, literary styles, unconventional topics and outstanding authors.


Photography is a beautiful way to visually share the aesthetic of reading, books and all what comes thereby. It is not only the book itself that matters when reading but it the act of taking time for something and having a moment for yourself to either enjoy the flowing of the words (Poetry), immerse in a fictional world or to dive deeper into an interesting topic, is part of the pleasant experience.

Slow living

I recently added this new category. It is my way of expressing myself by focussing on what I find important in my daily life. Since life can be hectic and we don’t know what will come next, I like to draw attention to the things that matter to me. Living in the moment, making time for the things I love, being grateful for what I have and who’s around me … All those things make me feel more connected with life. And I want to be open about it because life is beautiful and I want you to see that. Hopefully, a spark of gratefulness about life will leap over to you.

Latest posts

  • Study day in fall
    Morning cold, a foggy blanket drifting towards me. Lots of students are headed towards their courses. I am going to […]
  • Under a Gingko tree
    Leaning against the trunk of a gingko tree. Sitting under it by a pond with ducks. I see them sunbathing […]
  • A secret herb garden
    A secret garden, a herb garden in an abbey. Constructed like the Garden of Eden. A hidden place, locked out […]
  • Ode to a sunflower
    You came a long time ago in my life, my dearest friend You were read aloud as a poem and […]
  • Soft early mornings
    When dreaming flows into barely being awake. Recalling images from fictional events during night, recalling real happenings from the day […]
  • A genuine recommendation: “Inward” by Yung Pueblo
    This book consists of beautifully written poetry and prose. Topics such as self-love, letting go and wisdom about life in […]

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