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This site consists of book reviews, some anecdotes, recommendations and sometimes my opinion about recent happenings in the world of literature. As an Arts student, I am eager to discover new genres as I have mostly read and also enjoyed YA books. Feel free to have a look to my constantly growing journey in discovering new books, literary styles, unconventional topics and outstanding authors.


Photography is a beautiful way to visually share the aesthetic of reading, books and all what comes thereby. It is not only the book itself that matters when reading but it the act of taking time for something and having a moment for yourself to either enjoy the flowing of the words (Poetry), immerse in a fictional world or to dive deeper into an interesting topic, is part of the pleasant experience.

Recente berichten

  • The surplus value of reading “A Christmas Carol” in today’s situation
    “A Christmas Carol” written by 19th century author Charles Dickens is a meaningful story about celebrating Christmas with family and loved ones. The story is about a hardworking man called Mr. Scrooge who focused his whole life on his career and never went to his family for celebrating Christmas. Mr. Scrooge planned to do the […]
  • Who is the real monster in Frankenstein ?
    Many may know about the immense famous literary character “Dr. Victor Frankenstein” though the one that actually read the book know that Frankenstein is the creator of the nameless monster. But are searching on graves for corpses and working towards a hideous creature not activities of a monster? After having read Frankenstein, I had several […]
  • Physical beauty in “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde
    My aim of reading is to discover new genres, new literary styles and techniques. Through books I can visit thousands places and make new friends who I will never lose and by rereading, they will welcome me as if I’ve never left them. Those persons, present in the imagination of the author and reader can […]
  • Book review: Love Her Wild by Atticus
    I had never heard about Atticus before, until I saw this book in a bookshop in Salzburg. While being triggered because of the stunning cover I took a closer look inside. Those poems, some short some more lengthy adressed me in a way poems seldom do. The author’s use of language mixed with the power […]
  • The pureness of a pastoral novel: about Daphnis and ChloĆ« by Longus
    What would it be to live without electricity? It is hard to imagine a quick check on Facebook or other social media platform wouldn’t have been a part of our daily life. Only the fields, flower gardens, the never-ending care of a herdsman’s flock and the love (kept secret or admitted) for each other. This […]
  • Reading my first modern classic: To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
    The big family of the beautiful Mrs. Ramsay stays during the summer in their guest-house on the island Skye. The family Ramsay and a few other guests consisting of the frustrated artist Lily Briscoe, the obsessed student Charles Tansley and the two lovers Paul and Minta are charmed by the motherly love of Mrs. Ramsay. […]
  • Book review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch
    The moment when Snow Like Ashes was released in the bookshops, I knew I had to read it. Besides its appealing cover, the story is really worth reading especially for fans of epics and all sort of fantasy tales. Meira, an orphaned girl who has lived her whole life as a refugee wants to save […]
  • Does J.K Rowling’s vision about gender issues affects my thoughts about the Harry Potter series?
    Just as many other booklovers, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books but many people changed their thoughts about the series. J.K.Rowling tweeted earlier this year about gender issues and she received many hate comments. Last month, I saw again many post on Instagram from people who declared they won’t read her […]

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